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More and more local homeowners and businesses are investing in a flexible and efficient HVAC option called a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. From homes and office buildings, to hotels, colleges, retail spaces, and healthcare facilities, VRF installation is the best option out there for many.

VRF systems are set up with one outdoor condensing unit and sometimes multiple units indoors. Through these units, the system is able to control the refrigerant that flows to each unit. With this method, you can have multiple rooms in one home or commercial space all at different temperatures.

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VRF System Benefits

JLACR Corp. has been in the HVAC industry for enough years to know a good thing when we see it. In comparison to other residential and commercial HVAC systems, a VRF system beats the others out every time. Ideal for larger homes and multi-space commercial structures, there’s a lot more to benefit from than the ability to set each room at a different temperature. Though, for many that’s enough!

VRF systems are energy efficient. Due to their precise temperature control you’ll never find yourself wasting heat or cooling in a room that doesn’t need it. And when it comes to heat and cooling, did we mention you can do both at once? That’s right. You can heat up that cold window-filled room while cooling down that overheated room on the top floor.

Best of all, VRF installation is simple, and the system is easy to use.

VRF Installation Cost

So, how much does it cost to install this miracle system? VRF installation cost varies depending on how many units are required in your home or business. So, unlike your average residential and commercial HVAC systems, you’re going to have a hard time finding a set price.

Rather than quote you on a hardware rate, VRF systems are quoted by square footage and range between $12 and $15.

It’s not always necessary for every room to have a unit, and because of this every situation is different. To find out what price you can be looking at for your VRF system, give JLACR Corp. a call. We’ll visit you on-site and provide you with a no-obligation estimate for services!

Experienced Technicians

JLACR Corp. is made up only of certified, educated, experienced HVAC technicians. We’re skilled at installation and repairs of a wide range of heating and air conditioning systems, and ensure that our clients get only the highest quality service on every job.

Take Control of Your Temperature

Imagine having a heating and cooling system that can do both at once, and save you energy expenses at the same time. Easy to install and operate, variable refrigerant flow systems are an amazing HVAC option for homes or businesses.

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